Amazon Title Incorporation has proudly met or exceeded all of the guidelines of the 7 Pillar’s of ALTA Best Practices guidelines. We offer this assurance to all consumers and Lenders. It is our commitment and to all Lender and consumers of the seriousness with which we see the necessity of this compliance and our intent to remain in full compliance with the 7 pillars of ALTA Best practices in the operation of our business. Not only do we understand that we have a duty to and take seriously the underlying regulation, but we understand that we are a part of a team. Each Loan Officer, closing department, processor and post closer has a duty of care, and it is our duty to assure them that we understand that we are a part of that transaction and we too take seriously that same care.

We are dedicated to providing professional, responsive, accurate, timely service to all lenders, their customers, and clients. Each Borrower whether it be in a purchase transaction, a refinance or an equity loan, deserves the same devotion to quality care and service. We understand importance of the documents contained in the closing package, and the need for each document to be executed fully and returned timely.

We have received a full background check and approval from Secure Insight Registration # 501331.

We have a fully secure e-mail system that assures all NPPI is transferred securely protecting all consumers’ confidential information. We have a policy of phone verification of wire instructions before wire transfer of funds.

Lender’s Benefits with Amazon Title:

  • Single point of contact
  • Full service on every transaction
  • Timely and accurate title commitments
  • Superior communication
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff
  • Contract Upload capability or drop off
  • Secure transfer of confidential information

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company